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Singing together was a part of much of history—on the farms, the docks, and ships, in the rites and celebrations of every tribe and culture and church. Now when school budgets are cut, the arts are always the first to go, and the music teacher doesn’t come every Tuesday any more. The workplace offers up Musak.

If you ever piped carols at Christmas, or were part of an operatic gypsies’ chorus in high school; if you ever struggled through extra rehearsals in unbelievable places with rats or bats, sold space for misprinted programs, and papered halls for the terror and epiphany of the event itself in which you were suddenly not one voice, one part, but the transcendent whole; even if, mute and tuneless, you have only felt your eyes fill and your spirit hobnob with low-flying angels as a member of the audience, you can help.

Since 1985, Choral Arts New England has awarded nearly 120 Alfred Nash Patterson Foundation grants, totaling some $125,000. We are proud to have assisted choruses that have commissioned or premiered new works; provided funds for rural choruses to pay for orchestral accompaniment; aided in improvement of management techniques; and partially funded the updating of a choral music catalog. Each year we have sought a diversity of projects as well as a geographic representation of the New England region.

Donations to Choral Arts New England support choruses of all types and sizes in a full range of communities in the six New England states from our largest cities to the smallest towns. Alfred Nash Patterson Grants support performances of both standard and neglected repertoire, commissions and world premieres, recordings, and educational programs to promote choral music. Donors receive our newsletter and are invited to the annual awards ceremony in the fall at which we present the year's Alfred Nash Patterson Grants and our annual Lifetime Achievement Award. The ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to meet representatives of various choruses, choral directors, composers, members of the Choral Arts board of directors, and other donors to our cause.

All donations are fully tax-deductible. Checks should be made payable to Choral Arts New England and sent to:

Choral Arts New England
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Thank you for supporting choral music throughout our six-state region by supporting Choral Arts New England.


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